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RED55 should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Im guessing that the championship decider wont be clean, Gloves are off, WSR have kept their heads down and plugged away at making the title challenge a sensible points makes prizes challenge, usually hammered by driving standards, but Colin always rises to the top, Sutton is a Talent , no doubts at all, but his challenge has been tarnished slightly by the Subaru technical moving goal posts, I really don,t see the logic in bringing a technical masterpiece to the series , spending lots of money in the process to then have a handicap applied to slow it down, it goes against all the NGTC cost saving its supposed to be .

I think we will see Tom Ingram mixing it up for them, Shedden will fight back with help from Neal, but the big question is this ? who out of WSR and BMR/888 camps help their team mates by getting in the way, Sutton has 5 players, Colin has 2. Its going to Interesting for sure,It needs to stop being a crashfest though , TCR is looming boys ,you are in the spot light. .

Never the less Il be on the edge of my seat Im sure .
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