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MaskedRacer should be qualifying in the top 5 on the gridMaskedRacer should be qualifying in the top 5 on the grid
Originally Posted by Bcarr6 View Post
26 GT3 cars, GT Open carrying on their bounce back from low teens in 2016...

Solid enough entry, 10 Huracans, so not as diverse as Blancpain or ADAC, but should make for some good racing none the less
The lack of manufacturer diversity is unfortunate and it was very noticeable at Portugal. For a while in race 1 the camera was on a on track battle with 4 Lamborghinis at the same time!

A quick tip that I discovered about the Gt Open videos on youtube. If you only listen using the left side of your ear plugs. You'll get the engines only free of the commentary. I wish other series has that ability too. Commentary is good for the first time watching a race, but no commentary makes for a good reason to replay it.
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