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I'll try to answer everyone's questions in one fell swoop!

Here's a better map, with the new circuit in red and the old in blue:

I think most 90° corners are planned to have grandstands on them, with significant viewing areas also around Frank Kitts Park and Queens Wharf. The Stadium Concourse would be good too, being elevated, but I think it was set aside for corporates. It also has easy access from the greater Wellington area from the Railway Station too!
The whole waterfront area where the old track used to run is nicely done up now, and the Queens Wharf Event Centre (and associated bars ) was certainly the logical centre of activity for the event. As far as aesthetics go, the area up by the container terminal could be a bit of a problem, but if they ring it with grandstands whose going to mind?
The only chicaney-type structures I can see on the track would be coming off Victoria St back onto Jervios Quay, but that's mainly a function of the layout of the roads anyway, or possibly on Jervois Quay to get around the pit entry. If it goes ahead it's definately going to be fast!

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