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Originally Posted by CDM View Post
Are these really going to be exciting to drive?? The pics on the facebook page don't make them look like they handle very well at all & from what I can see they are about 7 seconds per lap slower than what looks like a 2K Cup Corolla.....
Exciting to drive? Why don't you ask Brook Reeve's, Faine Kahia, Christina Orr, Cory Holmes etc they all have face-book pages, I think you will find that they are indeed exciting to drive because at the end of the day they require a lot of skill to get the best out of and lap times are only relative to what is around you.

Not knocking the 2K cup but the winners in this category are all spending way more each weekend they race, than they would in a SARS ute, and no television or any media coverage for their efforts.
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