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Originally Posted by BlueBlood View Post

you may have missed this question as it was on the previous page.....

Thanks BB, as we never entered any SARS utes in the 3 hour race I missed that "barbed" comment.

Following the end of the 1 hour race, the organisers invited any of our ute drivers that wanted to experiment with tyre pressures or just clock up some more seat time to rejoin the field doing the 3 hour race. I do know that Andy Wright took up that offer and was in and out of the pits trying higher and lower tyre pressure's before parking his ute for the day. Obviously if a second ute also trundled out to cut a few more laps I was unaware of that.

Obviously the My Laps transponders registers the vehicles as still in the race, which they most definetely were not, [A] because they were not entered in the 3 hour race and [B] nor did we pay the greater entry fee required for them to do the 3 hour race.
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