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flyingduck should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
As to your point on costs cars set-up's camber (must be standard), castor (must be standard), toe's $45 for a wheel alignment which I'm sure you need to do in the utes as well or free if you want to use a string line, brake pads (mine lasted a full season including 1 hour enduro) need to be the same size as the standard one but you are free to chose the compound, dampers well at the start of the season I replaced my shocks for 150 + GST a corner but I can tell you the championship winning car didn't do that and I won't need to for this season. The suspension has to be standard no coilovers allowed. Springs are free and you could spend a little on these but still must be at legal ride height for the road. As I said if you would like to sit down and go through the costs you will see there is not a better priced series to race in.

But I think from looking at your entries that I have seen the Utes are going to be used as a stepping stone to bigger and better things, 2kcup is about people going out and racing. I'm never going to go much further than basic club level racing and I'm happy with that. You should bring a ute along to a meeting at some stage to show the competitors your class and the budgets to run for a season and you might get some interest but I would not be saying it's cheaper than 2kcup or you will just get arguements.

Just out of interest what sort of lap times do the utes do around Hampton downs, not that is the point of the series it is low cost motoring that encourages close racing but hey I'm a racer so you always like to know lap times.
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