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CDM should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Originally Posted by Mark Petch View Post
Not knocking the 2K cup but the winners in this category are all spending way more each weekend they race, than they would in a SARS ute, and no television or any media coverage for their efforts.
Originally Posted by Mark Petch View Post
Granted the entry level is much higher in the SARS ute because you are buying/leasing a brand new vehicle that has a long useful life after racing, but both categories offer genuinely low running costs which attracts more people into our sport and that has to be a good thing.
Hang on... You said it was cheaper to run a SARS ute than a 2K cup car... So what are the figures?? Lets have an honest comparison as flying duck seems to know what it costs for a 2k Cup car...

Also interested to know if there is any franchise fee payable to compete in the series and/or if they have the crazy rule that prevents you from using the vehicle you purchased when & where you want to use it

Also intrigued what the "long useful life after racing" involves? As they don't seem to be Rego'd & with their lack of pace I sure as hell can't see them being snapped up to use in other Series' or as club racers after SARS is gone.

Lastly re: the 3hr DNF's, thx for clarifying, all i was going off was the Mylaps results which showed them as DNF's in the 3hr race.
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