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chunder should be qualifying in the top 3 on the gridchunder should be qualifying in the top 3 on the gridchunder should be qualifying in the top 3 on the grid
It is based on new DRAFT legislation that resulted in a case brought about by a guy in Slovenia who was knocked off a ladder by a guy in a tractor that was never used on the road, or that in Slovenia never needed to be insured.

The resultant case brought about this vnuk ruling.

Although whether it actually gets to be a rule is not necessarily the case.

But the basics are that ANY powered vehicle in ANY location has to be insured.

Whether it is used on the road or not.

That is as it stands in the state it has reached right now which is nowhere near law, but obviously insurance companies want it, as it makes them millions and allows them to then take claims from every single thing involved in powered motion be it electric wheelchair to a Top Fuel dragster if it runs over your foot in a paddock. Plus they can have policies on everything, and you can be sure pushbikes, horses will not be far behind if this goes through.

What effect this has on venues I am not sure. Might mean that like UK stage rallying, spectators will just be prevented from attending a lot of motorsport like bike enduro, motocross, anything where you can get close to a location. If this insurance based thing becomes law.

In the same way you could sue someone in a mobility scooter for running into you. Which seeing as how often in happens is a good thing. AS they can be horrendously badly driven and cause great damage. So you can see scope for why it is happening.

Long way off, but you can see why the pressure groups are being active around motorsport as most of that is uninsured.
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