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Silk Cut Jaguar should be qualifying in the top 10 on the gridSilk Cut Jaguar should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
1. Alonso - Aside from the brain fart in Montreal he's been perfect all year.
2. M. Schumacher - Despite the Ferrari being an underpowered, under rubbered dog this year he still finishes third in the Championship. To have a bad season and still finish in the top three deserved some kudos in my book.
3. Raikkonen - Fastest guy on track but lacking the mental consistency of Alonso.
4. R. Schumacher - Hasn't grabbed the headlines like Trulli but he's scored points in all but four races. An impressive tally.
5. Coulthard - I think he cemented his status as the best value driver on the grid this season, missed out on a couple of podiums through no real fault of his own and rung every last tenth out of the car. Striling stuff.
6. Klien - Most improved driver of the year. With an axe over his head from day 1 he managed to put in the season of his life. Red Bull would be insane to replace him now.
7. Montoya - on pace alone he deserves to be higher (on an equal day I'd rate him above Kimi) but this season he's let himself down far to many times.
8. Heidfeld - proved his reputation isn't a myth. *cough*Fisichella*cough*
9. Webber - an on/off season for Webber but he got that elusive podium (at Monaco no less) and finally found his feet towards the end of the year.
10. de la Rosa - I'll admit this is a strange choice, but he stepped up and delivered a hugely entertaining performance when called upon in Bahrain
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