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Ry44 should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
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The did look at getting the 3rd car they have (Stockton's old hatchback) up and running for this year (but convert it to a saloon) but no one had enough money to secure the ride (obviously they would if needed a TBL too) but with one up for grabs already (Ex-Dynamic's & Ex-Eurotech TBL) they could be looking at a 3rd car. However Abbott did struggle to get the funding in and I believe the price of the deal came down as the start if the season approached!

Plenty of musical TBL's in the off season again I think!
Do we have anyone confirmed officialy/unoficially for 2017 I know i recently read something about BKR running Aron Smith again with the RML kit and I assume still the usual suspects at Team Dynamics with Turks and Plato still with BMR
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