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Alex K has a lot of promise if they can keep it on the circuit!
What's better, being the forth, fifth driver at Carlin, or be one of one, or one of two drivers at Fortec. That is a question?! Driver, who brings more money in to the party will always get more preferential treatment, ie. Stroll, Norris, etc. the one with lesser budget will get what's left.

And this is not what I say. Over the years I have spoken to driver who worked with Carlin, and multientry teams, and they say, the more money you bring, the better you are treatted. That's been said by the current European Formula 3 team boss as well when we attempted to make a deal and buy his Dallaras.

Re. Prema... after years of spending (Stroll I think?) they have someone who will pay all the bills now in Gelael, don't they.
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