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Dyson Mazda should be qualifying in the top 5 on the gridDyson Mazda should be qualifying in the top 5 on the grid
Originally Posted by MaskedRacer View Post
-If both Honda and Audi came into DPI then you will be back to or exceed ALMS 2008 levels of depth in the prototype class.

-Still awaiting what BMW's new GTLM/GTE model will be. I hope they do what Porsche and Ford do which is run both series (WEC) where the cars have the same paint scheme and same car number. I like the continuity.
(side note: Imsa Porsches say 912 and 911, but to me its essentially 91 and 92 since nobody else runs them)

-Class color codes should change since LMPC is going away. I suggest: DPI = red, GTLM = green, GTD = blue

-Long Beach should go back to Proto/GTLM only

-Would love to see more all GT races. Maybe even one GTD only race.

-Lexus to GTLM would be awesome!

-WTR Lambo in GTD would be awesome!

-Would not surprise me to see Nissan in GTD in 2018
I think the numbers plates should just be (matching the Weathertech Colors)

P: Black number, white background
GTLM: Red number, white background
GTD: White number, red background
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