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JLGarcia should be qualifying in the top 10 on the gridJLGarcia should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Originally Posted by Jonerz View Post
Rebellion was on pole for Sebring, and the 85 JDC/Miller car was in contention for hours at Sebring. That car was also quite good at Long Beach. If a team at or near Rebellion's level was to run a Oreca/Gibson for the whole year, they would be in contention for wins straight away, especially at fast and flowing circuits, which make a good portion of the schedule. Sufficed to say, I really don't think we lose every LMP2 entry; especially not if IMSA allows teams to change gearbox suppliers, or make other changes that make the cars more American-circuit-friendly.
A lot of the DPi vs P2 issue is the same as DP vs P2 in the past: who's running the cars. 2/3 of the full-time P2s are teams who are brand new to the P class and have pro-am driver lineups. It's not realistic that they'd be fighting for wins right out of the box, regardless of package. And Visit Florida- a better driver lineup in theory, but it's still all-new equipment for them. And let's be honest- they didn't exactly set the world on fire last year with *the* dominant package.

VFR will very likely run a DPi next year, but I don't think it is a certainty that it will be Cadillac.
There was talk their Riley could become a Mazda DPi, possibly even before the season ends. Might not be a competition improvement for them, though.
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