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Originally posted by Jeremy Jackson
Hi Michael,

I agree with the Kyalami car possibly being rebuilt using HU05, but (with the benefit of referring to journals!) the ex-Gitanes car was used by Jolly Club in 1974-75 and driven by Lella Lombardi / Giorgio Pianta in 1977 (I'm assuming still entered by Jolly Club, but nothing to confirm that).

From what you say, it doesn't leave very many options for the Schulthess car... If we assume for now (always dangerous!)that the Gitanes T282 was HU05 rebuilt, which was then used by Jolly Club subsequent to 1973, the T284 must have been HU06? Unless it was HU07 and this car was later updated to T286 spec and given a chassis plate to reflect that. To sum up:

T280 HU01 Ecurie Bonnier, Rouveyran
T280 HU02 Ecurie Bonnier, written off Le Mans 72
T280 HU03 Takahara in Japan
T280 HU04 Gaspar, Jolly Club, Lord etc.
T282 HU05 Ecurie Bonnier/Gitanes, Jolly Club
T282 HU06 possibly T284 HU06 Schulthess
T284 HU07 possibly T286 HU07 ??

And after that I'm lost, as I haven't really looked into anything other than T280s and a bit of T282!

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