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Originally posted by Jeremy Jackson

Agree with gaspar for HU03. I know Martin Krejci's data has T280-Ford for Takahara in a few Grand Champion races, I don't suppose there's confirmation anywhere else, like Autosport? I have a lot from 68-76, but I don't have a complete set.

The reason being: I have some Italian results in the mid-70s for a T280 - Ford, but it was actually a 2-litre, whcih is more than likely a T290. I suppose the point is, was it a T280?

If there were only 3, which would be the Jeremy Lord chassis, and for that matter, the car that Mallock/Wild used in 1983 Thundersports?
Well, if HU-03 went to Rouvreyan and he was killed in mid-73, it is possible that it was sold, maybe to Lord? And this was also the Mallock/Wilds car? OTOH, it could be HU-01 I guess, so we need some harder evidence really, which would involve talking to the people concerned.

Re Takahara, I'll look in AS, as I have a full set for that period.

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