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yes I think we can translate "arceau de sécurité" to roll over hoop/ bar ,sorry for my bad english.
On differents pictures I am owner 4 types of roll over hoop
bar exist : first for HU01 and 2 in the beginning of 1972
second version at Monza 1000 Kms with a welded bar on the left of the car ( also Le Mans version ) . A third is the
symmetrical on the car winner of Paris 1000 Kms and the last for T282 284 and 286 cars .
The Gaspar car at Estoril is with the first type so we can
say that its an another chassis than HU01 and 2, we suppose HU03 .
If HU 003 was Rouveyran car in 1973 , I think Casoni car
was not HU001 because on picture of the car after Nurburgring the roll over hoop / bar seem to be like car
winner of Paris 1000 Kms .
2 years ago C FOX solded an T280 and telled to me that was
chassis HU005 .... I will try to contact it again to confirm me that and to know car's story . In case of that
who was HU004 owner ? TAKAHARA ?
* bientôt
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