Thread: FIA GT GT4 - The future...?
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Accident should be qualifying in the top 5 on the gridAccident should be qualifying in the top 5 on the grid
Audi unveils R8 GT4

I thought the rumor a while back was that it would be a TT, but I had been thinking that with the introduction of the McLaren and the AMG GT on the way, that a TT wouldn't be "enough" with the direction the class was going.

It doesn't say in the article but I assume it has been converted to RWD.

I liked the idea of GT4 being a bit like CTSCC was with $30-60k sporty cars like the Camaro and Mustang and 370Z and Cayman, where an Audi TT and something maybe like a Mercedes SLC could fit in.

Instead, the class is basically turning into GT3 with less aero now... Not that that is necessarily a bad thing as these are cool cars, but I guess I like it when there are different models in the different classes to further distinguish them.
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