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peckstar has a lot of promise if they can keep it on the circuit!
Originally Posted by jjvincent View Post
In addition to that, let's say that Speed King Racing is based in Munich and he's going to race a pair of GT3 cars for all 10 Blancpain races in 2018. Let's look at the travel for his team. If he went from Munich to every event and back, he'd rack up 10,600 miles (17,600km). If Speed King was smart, he'd rent out some space in England for two weeks in May because two events are there within 2 weeks of each other and only 100 miles (160km) apart. That saves about 1,580 miles (2,550km) for a total of 9,020 miles (14,520km)

Speed King Racing then decides to run two GTD cars in IMSA and base his team out of Road Atlanta. For a full season that's 18,600 miles (29,900km). The only saving of distance is when WG and Mosport come up because after the 6hr race, he has to go to Mosport 300 miles (480km) and be there in 3 days to rebuild the car and convert back to sprint setup. It does save distance though. That becomes 1,500 miles (2,420km) for a total of 17,100 miles (27,520km). This distance could be more depending where he locates because the last IMSA race is zero distance. That means, he only racks up mileage for 10 races which is the same number as in a full blown season of Blancpain.

Just the travel for the truck is 8,080 miles (13,000km) more or 89.5% more distance for IMSA.

For IMSA, there's another issue. Daytona and Laguna are the only two races where you get a garage. In Blancpain, you get garages for every race. That means, for 9 races, you need the full crew to be there longer because you have to set up a 53' awning and all of the extra garbage that goes along with it. Top it off, in the US, the majority of the team lives all over the country, thus you pretty much have to fly in 90% of them. In Europe, a German team consists of mostly Germans that usually take a van to shorter distance events.

As you can see, the distance just for IMSA is much more. So, the pay for the truck driver, maintenance on the truck and fuel is much more. Plus, for IMSA, Daytona is really the only event you need extra crew. As for the rest, you can do it with the same number. IMSA is not a good representation of what you can do in Europe. Just like the ADAC Masters. They run their whole season in an area smaller than the NE region for SCCA Club. If you do SCCA Club in the NE region and do the Runoffs for 2018, you will do 5,600 miles for the Runoffs then add into that, 6 races with an average round trip of 600 miles, you got about 9,200 miles as opposed to Speed King Racing that runs in ADAC Masters who only cranks out 4,200 miles for a 7 race series. Who knew that transporting a 1990 Spec Miata would be more than a 2018 GT3 Car in ADAC or Blancpain.
you have talked miles, but you havent converted that into $. Is the rate per mile the same in USA as europe

and at the end , how much of that is relates to the total cost
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