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If Ten went under, would 7 or 9 want to pay the current price that TEN does for the "backup" coverage?

Given Foxtel's interests in TEN, Network 10 having the rights fits in best with the current Foxtel Supercars deal, would they get the same co-operation out of 7 or 9?

Originally Posted by mceci1 View Post
Given that we see the events under Win naming on free to air with the Ten logo. Does this mean V8s are technically under Fox/Win now.I notice too in Queensland our channels used to have the 8s as win and the 5s as ten. Now it is 8s as ten and 5s as win. V8s are still under 5s so does that also point to a change that we didn't know about. With Ten and Win being linked to does this mean that the whole network 10/8 will fold or just one side.
What happened here was that WIN for years had a content deal with the 9 Network. In mid-2016 they couldn't come to an agreement, so 9 did a content deal with SCA (who formerly took Network 10 programming). This then forced Network 10 and WIN to do a content deal, so programming on both stations effectively just swapped.

The FTA TV deal for V8s is still with Network 10

Originally Posted by LD2244
Imo if ten ceased operations they should consider a switch to live streaming the events specified in their contract Foxtel contract, it's cheaper and can reach a much broader audience
Won't happen for two reasons

1. It can't happen by law for Bathurst, it must be shown FTA and have priority over PayTV coverage (hence why PayTV has to have ads in their coverage of this race)

2. It would be suicide to completely ditch FTA coverage for streaming.
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