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leonidas should be qualifying in the top 10 on the gridleonidas should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
I quite enjoyed it but when you have got so many 2wd cars getting into the GP semis you realise just how little strength in depth there is in British rallycross.

The sport desperately needs to expand its driver numbers and recruit new faces. But what is the championship's answer? Abolish the cheapest category of rallycross (hot hatch) and double the cost to get into the sport.

A newcomer is now looking at BMW minis (you will struggle to find a prepared one), Swifts (not many around - 14k if you commission one) or historic rally cars (good luck finding/building one that can beat that Porsche - and if you do you won't get change out of 30k).

There is no way Clarkson et al could now spend 2k and have a car on the grid for the British championship.

There needs to be a system where people can buy older cheap rally cars (or convert their existing rally car) and run them in rallycross at the best tracks. Building/buying a car that you find can only run in a clubman championship with a few events is not attractive to most people.

Putting Silverstone on the MSA schedule was a great chance to expand driver numbers. But with these rule changes they have blown it.
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