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allenbrown should be qualifying in the top 10 on the gridallenbrown should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
I looked up the earliest version I have of the Brabham production list - dated 13 Sep 1967 - and it has the 32 1966 BT15s and 32 BT18As. Total Brabham production in 1966 was 86, only 15 higher than 1965 and just nine higher than 1967. Total F3 production was 47 in 1965 and 48 in 1967 so the 64 in 1966 is just as likely as 32 would be. Given the date that document was produced, it's hard to believe they'd have made a mistake of that magnitude. Also, Autosport's F3 review (20 Jan 1967 p91) says Brabham "sold some 32 genuine F3 cars, and another 32 F2 cars equipped for F3 engines".

However, a cursory look through 1966 F3 F1R data does make me wonder where all those BT15s went.

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