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I've been talking to Ted about this puzzle of the missing 32 BT15s. Whilst he agrees that Brabham say they produced 58 BT15s, it looks like someone has made a mistake. Ted has notes on 26 BT15s in 1965 (i.e. up to F3-27-65 missing F3-13-65) but then just another six in 1966 (up to F3-33-65). We think the 26 total at the end of 1965 has been accidentally added to the 32 total at the end of 1966 to give a total of 58 instead of a total of 32.

Oddly, Ted's numbers for the extra six BT15s go F3-28-66, F3-29-66 up to F3-33-66. However, as all the BT18As appear to have F2 prefices, there wouldn't have been any clash.

So it looks like Chris is right and Brabham production for 1966 has always been significantly overstated. It's amazing if that's true and yet it's never been picked up before.

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