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Originally Posted by S griffin View Post
Not really surprised COTA has been given a place, itís a good location and Iím sure theyíll come up with a good rallyx circuit
I guess that depends on what is thought to be a good circuit. For me viewing the whole circuit is important, a circuit where cars can actually overtake on track, a good proper rough section ( not dusty tarmac)and a free paddock. Sadly this hadn't been the case recently with many new and old tracks

Does seem daft not to put it back to back with Canada, 3 separate fly away races may just be the straw that breaks the camels back for some teams, and may force them to compete in the European championship instead leaving the world short on numbers.

Also wonder how the US will promote it, no doubt when the deal was done Block was one of the things that sold it to COTA, wonder if he will be tempted back for that round to help promote it.
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