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REALIST has a lot of promise if they can keep it on the circuit!
OK guys, seems i have been a little obtuse for you!!

An FR2000 is a Formula Renault 2000, the latest spec car. Being what it is there is an alliance with Elf, the French oil company and theirs is the only oil named in the recommended lubricants.

As it happens, I, through a supplier, can get hold of another premium brand of oil at very low prices and I would like to compare the specs before I do. All I know at the moment is that it is a 5W/40 fully synthetic, like the Elf product. I would like to know more.

Of course I could ask my supplier but he is perhaps likely to say "yes it's the same", just as Elf will say "no it isn't"! Which is why I was furtively looking for an unbiased source.

Sorry for the confusion.

(You really didn't understand FR2000??)
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