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D.R.T. should be qualifying in the top 5 on the gridD.R.T. should be qualifying in the top 5 on the grid
Originally Posted by bjohnsonsmith View Post
The reason why the racing has been sensational, is due to the DW12 being a ground effect car. About half the downforce is generated by the car, not purely by the wings as was the case with the old Dallara. Ground effect produces a lot less drag and therefore wake, making it easier for the car behind to get up closer and overtake the car in front.

Just look at the oval racing this season, no more of that pack racing nonsense, the drivers have to control the car.
So all in all = a good car in terms of providing the outcomes desired by the series?

I am not that technically minded so please forgive me if I am wide of the mark however at Indy - all the drivers commented about the large wake left by the new Dallara not a reduced wake compared to that of the old Dallara?

Originally Posted by bjohnsonsmith View Post
What's wrong with the current Dallara is it's badly designed. Reynard, Lola, etc. didn't need to put a lump of metal in the nose of the car to balance the front end with the arse end and those cars were racing how many years ago?
If good racing has been achieved - whats the issue in the long run?
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