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Originally Posted by JAG View Post
Significant developments in motorsport have often been greeted with huge sceptism, mid-engine location, wings, turbocharging, carbon chassis, diesels, hybrids..............

Rather than getting hung up on the Delta Wings strange shape, the real story is the concept behind it, less weight, less power, same performance, better economy.

Imagine an R18 weighing 200-300kg less, with a 300-400bhp IC engine, supplemented by a 200bhp hybrid system, and downforce generated soley by sophisticated ground effects.
Why not fit that into the current or new future regulations as a test base? I am only skeptic by the design and a bit about what is behind it. Not because the idea behind it is for a less weighing smaller engine with thus better output and hybrid technology. But why do this on something that stands far away from the sportscar feeling fans have.
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