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AGD should be qualifying in the top 10 on the gridAGD should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Originally Posted by JAG View Post
Significant developments in motorsport have often been greeted with huge sceptism, mid-engine location, wings, turbocharging, carbon chassis, diesels, hybrids..............

Rather than getting hung up on the Delta Wings strange shape, the real story is the concept behind it, less weight, less power, same performance, better economy.

Imagine an R18 weighing 200-300kg less, with a 300-400bhp IC engine, supplemented by a 200bhp hybrid system, and downforce generated soley by sophisticated ground effects.
I'm not as skeptical about the performance of this thing than others, but there is more to it than that. We could get lighter cars at Le Mans if we allowed single seater formula cars, but that is not within the rules of the sport. The Sausagemobile is essentially a formula car (an ugly one at that) that has been modified enough to fit within the rules. Fair enough I guess, but certainly major manufacturers are not going to build "sports cars" like the Sausagemobile.

Originally Posted by kingkai View Post
I'd rather seen the 918RSR or the GT3 Hybrid come as a demo entry! It should have been this year already. Wasn't Peugeot to come at this years LM with a 4th car Hybrid entry?... Instead we got the Hope-vision entry but that wasn't even sure of entering because the ACO got it barely eligible in time... Aren't they the ones who want progression to see a future clean racing series where people still enjoy racing and still can with renewable energy resources.. Why for heavens sake a kiddy car instead of integrating it into the current/future regulations... Want more spectators? Or do you guys have your hands full on those who come for the Audi/Peugeot(wanted AMR)battle and want to drop the number of fans?...
As much as I like the old rumbling V8's and whining V12's, thundering your eardrums down your bum while passing by, I understand that there is a need for changes. But do not make it a laughable showcase for nutters.
Is this the end already with the Fia barely invited to LM by the ACO, are times that bad to come with a landspeed car to LM. As much as I would like to see a demo of an audi/peugeot battling a F1 car for a lap. This isn't the right way of stimulating electrical cars which aren't into a current class at all.. What is the problem of electrical cars on the road and petrol engines @ LM?... I would turn in my petrol fuel for that if it had to be that way... As much as I dislike the whole hybrid/electrical car idea (where does that energy come from? from the sky?.. or just from a powerplant (what a eco friendly alternative to fosilfuel cars!...)
I think Jan Lammers said it correctly earlier this week on an RLM podcast when he said the green racing movement is hypocritical. You transport these things all these miles and then save a little fuel and call it green. Nonetheless, I can see a social benefit to green racing if racing can convince people that new technology performs well and is, in a way, as exciting as gasoline chugging engines. The 918 RSR does that. I think the Porsche GT3 did that as well. Maybe the Green GT or Courage could, I don't know, but I don't see how the Sausagemobile is going to do that. The thing is not cool and it isn't even relevant to road going cars.

My feeling is that the ACO wanted to fulfill their 56th garage plans in 2012 and the Sausagemobile was the closest and most surefire plan they had to actually meet deadlines. Plus, they probably like having the name Gurney involved in the race again. Whether it fit into their initial vision for the 56th garage idea or not became irrelevant.
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