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chunder should be qualifying in the top 3 on the gridchunder should be qualifying in the top 3 on the gridchunder should be qualifying in the top 3 on the grid
The NEC is a trade show. It never used to be, it used to be more about fans with a trade show tacked on.

Now it is really only a trade show, and the people running it have realised that there is a market for off season race fans to pay extortionate amounts of money to stand in halls and be given leaflets. Add endure Terry chuffing Grant for the 10th time of their life.

There should be a clear option to not attend the live section as that is the same every year nearly and any excuse to NOT have to listen to David Croft has to be taken.

If it was 25 quid or something I would probably go every few years. But at that price with the parking it is simply way, way overpriced. A lot of the people there are industry and for them it is trade, meet and greet, look at what the competition is doing. Trade shows are always expensive for the public for obvious reasons, but this is supposed to be about the public lol!

For the rest it is something to do, yet for some reason they pay more to go there than any other race meeting other than grandee ones.

I worked there once, well worked is not quite right. A helped write a yearbook for a friend. Asked to get in free but was told no. So went anyway, paid to get in and worked on the stand all day handing out fixtures, big events posters, rolling them all up into bundles, answering questions, only to find out the hoy palloy of the sport where doing nothing but criticising what we were trying to do, hadn't paid to get in, had a hotel for three days, had a bar tab to boot and did nothing to help all weekend.

Why would they when idiots like me were doing it for free you say. Suffice to say that weekend ended my involvement with trying to help that sport.

I have never understood the public and I clearly never will! lol
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This used to be such a vibrant place. Unless you are Oz or like 24h races whats the point now?