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Silhuette should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
There is something amiss about the handling of Bakkeruds protest post final. Timmy is making aggressive moves in the start and the contact that puts him in the wall looks intentional. Looking at his positioning going into the turn, the line he takes up the inside isn't a viable line unless he plans to bounce off Bakkerud.

The way it is described in the media, apparently marshals then call Kevin as a witness despite Timur being between them at the time. Kevin who is obviously extremely biased, yet they decide on the matter without involving other witnesses.

This feels like a clear case of nice guys finish last; Bakkerud hasn't announced his 2020 plans yet while the Hansens pulling out might hurt the seies. There has always been politics in TX, but this just feels bad and makes me even less interested in the sport.

On the upside, Bakkeruds vid from the event is really good. I might just follow him through whatever he picks next year.

Even more disturbing - I find myself taking a liking to Liam. Lol.
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