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I just wanted to give you an update on John Smith , Its ironic that its the saturday of the Le Mans 24 hour, an event he loved so much, as do I and it drove us to 360 and also beyond!
A lot of you have been asking "When is the funeral?".. and it has been a rather long time. I will apologise for this, although, it is outside my direct control.
Given the nature of John's passing, in that he went into hospital for a "routine" type issue, there has been an investigation into his death, which is outside our control and has been driven by the coroner , as such, while this investigation takes place, unfortunately, we cannot lay John to rest. I am sorry for all of you who. like me, want some sort of closure.
As soon as I have more news (which should be next week) I will update all the streams and those of you who have PM'd etc, I will notify you all.
What I can say, is that we are looking at taking John "home" as such, to Royal Tunbridge Wells for his funeral (nothing is concrete at the moemnt but that is what we want to do) , where he came from, We are also working with our great friends within the Motorsport Industry, to provide John with a fitting venue for a memorial to his life, in fact, a celebration of his life and as soon as we have finalised details, we will issue them to you all.
I know many of you loved this man, a character who, judging by some of your comments and kind words, enriched our lives, and I know that you want to pay your respects and say "goodbye for now" to him, we are working on that and hopefully it will be soon.
In the meantime, thank you all for your contiued support and those of you who love real motorsport... enjoy the best weekend of the year... well... until we do the 360 again that is! ha ha

Thank you all again
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