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SPECR should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Originally Posted by Mike Bell View Post
Yup, same if powder coated..... That's when having components tested becomes a sensible and maybe cheaper option!
Hi, once we start to strip chassis all components will be stripped down and check/tested for any corrosion cracks etc.Also just to let you all know nothing on the chassis will be powder coated, I don't believe in it for the reasons mentioned above.All will be done properly to the highest standard chassis/suspension/body work/wheels etc👌👍 Thank you all for your comments,I will be posting more pics up of suspension chassis etc for you all. Breakdown of the escort will not be starting till later in year until Geoff woods son Graham and daughter Suzi comes down to see her in present condition. Which they requested from me😊Thank you all again cheers Pete @ Spec-R
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