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BMW E36 M3 GrpN ex Neville Crichton Sandown 500

Hi Guys,

I'm trying to track down the history of the E36 M3 GrpN that campaigned the 1994 Sandown 500 and 1994 James Hardie 12 hour.

I've recently aquired it after it was rolled in 2006 Targa West (same stretch of road that Brockie had his untimely demise). I've tracked down some of its history but there are some major gaps.

I've contacted BMW Motorsport in Germany and all they can confirm is that the car was sold to Neville Crichton. No other information available. I've even contacted Neville Crichton himself and can only confirm that its was a Group N build from BMW Motorsport in Germany.

Some sketchy rumours have even noted that the car was used as the base template for the M3-R program with Frank Gardner.

All I can confirm is its recent history. Neville Crichton sold it onto Paul Summers and then Ben Killerby who both campaigned it as a Tarmac/Targa rally car.

Does anyone here know of the car? I'm just keen to gather some more history. Even history about other E36 M3 Group N's would be nice to know.

Kind Regards
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