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nasportscar should be qualifying in the top 10 on the gridnasportscar should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Originally Posted by Lagunaseca_4life View Post
Don't get me wrong and I'm Not saying I don't like all these cars,but I don't think PWC is going to be all that stellar.i don't trust scca to handle this many cars and quality teams all at once,scca and PWC is has been more geared towards am and club racing.the grid is exploding with all these new cars and teams,but how about scca and the staff are they hiring race directors,tech inspectors,new rules or is it going to be a free for all.seriously they are going to be forced to split gt and gts,will indycar weekends even allow that?and seriously the standing starts need to go or it's going to be a distruction derby when the lights go out.

I really hope PWC and scca can pull off 2015, might have to be the first race series to implement code 60 in the US,that would be cool but I HIGHLY doubt that will ever happen.
The SCCA has very little to do with pwc, they are just the sanctioning body. WC Vision controls pretty much everything from race control to the scheduling, etc...
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