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Fiorentina 1 should be qualifying in the top 5 on the gridFiorentina 1 should be qualifying in the top 5 on the grid
While visiting a web-site that listed all F3 results of the past 10-15 years, I came across some interesting names, that I remember, that got lost in the racing shuffle. What ever happened to these great 90's F3 drivers? Some went on to race beyond F3, but never made a career out of it. Too bad, each 1 of these 20 drivers had the talent of making it to F1, Champcars or Factory American Le Mans rides. Compare the talent of these guys, versus the guys racing in the bottom half of the IRL, and it makes you understand how racing is such a cruel sport! It's also interesting to read the names that got consistently smoked by these guys, who ended up having a career F1 or Champcars! By that, I don't mean rent-a-rides for 3 races; I mean a legitimate career!

1. Gianantonio Pacchioni
2. Andrea Gilardi
3. Steve Robertson
4. Andrea Boldrini
5. Jean-Philippe Belloc
6. Alexandere Janoray
7. Joao Barbosa
8. Kelvin Burt
9. Mirko Savoldi
10. David Dussau
11. Patrice Gay
12. Gianbattista Busi
13. Guillaume Gomez
14. Elton Julian
15. Federico Gemmo
16. Luca Riccitelli
17. Jason Elliott
18. Marcello Ventre
19. Jamie Spence
20. Gianluca Paglicci

Other great 90's F3 drivers who should be in F1, CART or full time sportscar drivers, have been seen racing some sports or touring cars lately, but nothing too serious. Those include; Colciago, Gavin, J. Gene, Clerico, Rangoni, Cottaz, Pescatori, de Simone, Simoni, Dufour, Werner & Tanaka. Plus Rossi, Higgins & Negri in Mexican or Italian formula 3000.

It would be really sad to add Marc Hynes to that listů.
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