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Originally Posted by Viperion101 View Post
This one looks really nice. I think it would be interesting and challenging to have NASCAR races there. It would add some more diversity to the types of tracks that they race on. Any ideas on where it would be located?
Somewhere is NASCAR country devoid of a superspeedway? Where do you think it could work? I'm not too hot on U.S. racetrack distribution...

Sorry AOB, I still prefer my design, I think the flow is better and more interesting. The track is quite wide (15m) so I'm not sure the extra tarmac would be needed. The square bends would still be quite quick as it is despite the small radius.

On the subject of scale, the back straight you drew is the same length of the Sepang pit straight, and I'm not sure having such a fast corner at the end of that straight is the right choice.

Also, I'm not happy about the 100% kink-removal. Embrace the kinks!

Thanks for the reply though, I appreciate the feedback!
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