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Badlands99 should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Originally Posted by gert View Post
Frankly, I fail to see which accidents you are referring too, or who are supposed to be the idiots.

Sure, there were accidents, and cars were wrecked.
However, if you are referring to the am bronze/silver drivers (you mention idiots with money) then I don't think that's fair to them.
Have to agree with 'Gert'.

It was a 24 hour race, there were always going too be accidents with a large, very competitive field and in conditions that were probably as bad as they could have been.
Personally, to get 51 classified finishers out of a field of 72 with the rain coming and going, making tyre choice complete guesswork, I think every driver in the field should be congratulated! Before the event I actually thought that it would be a lot worse finishing rate.

If we didn't have the am/bronze/silver/paying drivers you wouldn't get such a spectacular field of drivers and teams who want to take on the challenge and throughout the weekend I reckon that most of them did a brilliant job in keeping it on the 'island' for most of the time - yes there were a couple of 'idiot' moments, there were also a number of car/tyre failures that caused crashes and there were also a few 'pro' drivers who could learn a lesson from some of them!

With regards to the commentary team, I thought that they did a fantastic job. Being able to follow the live stream at the circuit wherever you were was a huge improvement on what we had a few years ago. Yes JW bumbles on a bit but he does know what he is talking about. The only one that I cannot put up with is Dakota - has she any idea what she is supposed to do.
Overall, the streaming coverage is light years ahead of anything that Eurosport have done this year - SRO should take note and dump Eurosport and just plough any funds into other promotional stuff.
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