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Badlands99 should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Just watched the first hour of the Eurosport 'coverage' from the weekend.

What a complete load of rubbish! Did they have any idea what was going on?

Mark Cole I can sort of put up with but, Tom Gaynor? So far out of his depth and I was not even sure that he was there!

The first question that he was asked by a viewer, was, 'which cars were likely to benefit more from running in the wet conditions' - a fairly sensibly question from a casual viewer - to which his answer was 'probably the Porsche but unlikely to be the front wheel drive Nissan!' PLEASE!

If Eurosport cannot be bothered to cover the event with people who at least have some idea about what they are taking about and cover at least the daylight hours of the race then just don't bother at all!
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