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Jeff Grech's comments may inform the decision to continue running it, even if its loss making, in that he believes the Supercar event creates a halo effect that drives the demand for so many other bookings throughout the entire year, as people want to drive on the track that the main game drives on.
you pick one quote of mine but miss the others where I have said exactly that - what exactly is your 'axe to grind'

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Having attended and raced at Winton many times and having family that own businesses in Benalla, it isn't a stretch to say Winton could run an event with the broader community benefit in mind.
and they have done that many many times, and I have said that here in this thread and others. You might not realise that I sat on the Committee of BAC (the owners of Winton and Wakefield Park) for some time, I know a little more than you might think
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