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RS67 should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Originally Posted by Robin Marriott View Post
From a selfish point of view, I think this is a terrible loss to the championship. Itís the closest circuit to me, the next nearest is Silverstone and they donít compare from a spectator perspective.

Silverstone doesnít have any good viewing spots unless you pay extra for a grandstand pass, whereas Rockingham allows a view of nearly the whole circuit from one place.

Probably means I wonít be attending a round next year because no other circuit offers the same visibility.

I also think two rounds at Thruxton is an error, it might be fast but fast doesnít always mean good. Maybe they should have considered a round at Mondello like before.

Wonder if thatís it for Rockingham forever or if the BTCC will return if they sort out whatever issues theyíve had which has lost the event?
Has Silverstone started charging for Grandstand seats now? I haven't had to pay for a grandstand seat for a BTCC meeting at Silverstone since the 90's.
Rockingham has always been a bit of a soulless place for me. Too far from the action and lacking in atmosphere. Not one I get upset about missing and much better to watch on TV. Perhaps Palmer will buy/rent the place and turn the place around.
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