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Originally Posted by Mike Bell View Post
Iíve heard the December show described as a German version of the American SEMA, so quite different to Techno Classica. Interestingly they are accessible from here by public transport, as is Retromobile and of course HMI. In fact it would be almost as quick to Essen by train as it is to the NEC......

Anyway, we digress!
Slight interlude - had to go out to sample the Beaujolais Nouveau!

Motor Show in December really covers all things motoring - including electric cars. One press release included a picture of a BMW i3 being 'refuelled' by an attractive young lady surrounded by a cloud of dry ice. Has that been your experience Mike?

The show has evolved over the years & struggled following the 2009 crash as most of the major manufacturers pulled out, but has returned to strength now. It fills a complex comparable to the NEC (19 halls I think, at the last count.

Motorsport has gained in significance in the last two or three years & now fills 2 or 3 halls plus a live action hall. A bit like Autosports, but probably closer to the Engineering section (does that still happen?) exhibitors range through teams. builders, preparers, suppliers etc as well as various race & championship organisers, predominantly from Germany & Holland.

The rest of the show really does cover all things motoring from manufacturer stands, custom cars, a large classic section etc.

Techno Classica in the spring is purely classics, but is the biggest & best show of its kind bar none. Again fills the entire complex, plus some outside areas. The organisers actually have a waiting list of exhibitors.

Both shows are well worth a visit, inexpensive & - as Mike says- easy to get to. It's about a four-hour drive from the Channel ports. Parking is a lot cheaper than the NEC!
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