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indigorallye should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
I am an avid follower of Creventic races, I love them.
I was hoping that the Touring Car Series would take off better than it did, but for whatever reason it didn't quite work out. Bringing the them back in with the GT's makes sense (Silverstone 24 will remain Touring Car only, but I reckon they may squeeze a 12hr GT race in over the weekend).

We are off to Spa in a few weeks for the 12 hour. It's being run as 3 hours saturday - parc ferme - 9 hours sunday which is a great concept. Although it's enforced due to the noise regs it also brings in a whole new strategy problem!
Do we want to finish Saturday with a full tank, or try and gain a lap and finish with less fuel etc etc.

I'm also yet to see how the new class structure will impact on us (Seat Leon Supercopa) and whether that is a move to try and attract some VLN teams into the longer races.

Good to see the championship getting some coverage on here.
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