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RaceTime should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Pukekohe NZ Qualifying Times

With virtually no information being made available outside Pukekohe, thanks go to the Super Cheap Auto Raicng Team of Steve Ellery and PR Anne Gigney for getting the following information to me:

1.G.Murphy Holden 0.56.9591
2.M.Skaife Holden 0.57.0133
3.M.Ambrose Ford 0.57.0813
4.J.Bright Holden 0.57.1044
5.L.Perkins Holden 0.57.2896
6.T.Kelly Holden 0.57.3174
7.C.Lowndes Ford 0.57.4036**
8.G.Seton Ford 0.57.4745
9.R.Ingall Holden 0.57.4811
10.S.Ellery Ford 0.57.5573

** A late timing 'error' put Lowndes into the top 10 and bumped David Besnard out of the 10.

Friday practice reports from Super Cheap are available at
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