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shaunx should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
The possibilities of the ultimate f1 cars

A while back i heard about the restrctions about f1 and though that the new engine rules sucked, so i looked for the ultimate f1 possibilities and was shocked when i heard what they could do. They don't let you use honeycomb materials so that means you cant use any super materials and no ground effects which is a fan that actually sucks the air down and pulls the car to the ground!!! Any ways if there were no resrictions the cars could go around most extreme corners at 350-400 km/h and 600-800 km/h on the straight streches the engine would still be a 3 litre but would be super light and could have as much horsepower as a top fuel dragster. But the speeds r so great that the drivers would need g suits to prevent blacking out. I know this is hard 2 belive but it's true i've read a bunch of stuff that says the same thing and the info comes from reseachers and other types of people but there car nuts and they studyed this....
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