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DCS should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
I am not questioning Julian Godfrey: he is one of the very best!
But after such good progress by Tony Bardy with Evan's Astra you kind of would think "why didn't they go the Bardy route"? But I am sure Godfrey will sort the Opel engine as well!

It seems that those Opel engines are not very stable at high boost applications in comparison to (especially nikasil linered) Cosworth engines... I know, becuase I had both... I think that's one of the main reasons why some use diesel blocks with petrol heads. Tuner V-Max even use special block reinforcements and steel crankshafts for their 600 bhp+ Opel engines, but I don't think that's allowed in RC...

But regarding those famous tuners in the Rallycross scene; Godfrey, Bardy, Gollop, Gallaghan, Snobeck, Trollspeed, Jenspeed: They are all welcome to "build" my 5 cil Audi S2 engine!
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