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E36ST should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Originally Posted by Adrian B View Post
Not quite (but close)......

1. First Group C car (grice) was made from an ex-European Group 2, now owned by Dean Howe in Melbourne.
2. Second Group C car (Richards, Gardner) was built from BMW motorsport Group A shell, converted back to GpA at end of 1984, now with Peter Sturgeon.
3. 1984 Bathurst car GpA, 1985 ATCC, Better Brakes, Endurance Championship car used by Jim Richards. Sold to Garry Rogers in 1986. Now with me.
4. Neville Creighton's 1985 car, sold to Archibald. Used by Charlie O'Brien for some events in 1986. Now with Graham Dodd.
5. Richards early 1986 car (wasnt ready for the start of the season so he used the 1985 car for 2 rounds). I think sold to Archibald in mid 1986, driven at Bathurst by Bartlett and Crowe. In NZ now. I will check the name of the present owner.
6. The last GpA car was built 1986, used by JR/TL at Sandown, Bathurst, JR at Calder, Oran Park. Sold to Ray Gulson at end of 1986 and used for many years at Bathurst. Now in the Bowden collection.
7. There was one extra car that never raced in Australia and was going to be turned in to video game ride, but never happened. I think this car raced in Europe before arriving in Australia. Is now in the Bowden collection.

I think........

Thanks guys, I've also tracked down a photo of the Bryce / Geoghegan 325i at Sandown in 1987 which shows Leo's name on the car.

In reference to above, some changes in 635 status can be updated.

* The Dean Howe car has been restored & back on the track.
* Peter Sturgeon's car has been returned to Group C spec and recently underwent a wee jaunt to the UK & Europe with Jim.
* The Graham Dodd car has been sold to Peter Gleeson, a collector in the U.S.
* The car that was owned by Jim Richards (which one?) was sold to John Fairhall of Archibalds Motors in Christchurch just over a year ago and is now sporting 'Archibalds' livery from when Trevor Crowe raced with Archibalds sponsorship back in the Group A days. Trevor will be behind the wheel again for historic events, next one the Skope Classic in Christchurch 3/4 February 2018.
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