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* The car that was owned by Jim Richards (which one?) was sold to John Fairhall of Archibalds Motors in Christchurch just over a year ago and is now sporting 'Archibalds' livery from when Trevor Crowe raced with Archibalds sponsorship back in the Group A days. Trevor will be behind the wheel again for historic events, next one the Skope Classic in Christchurch 3/4 February 2018.
This car ( entered as a 1986 635 ) is being raced today and tomorrow by Trevor Crowe at the New Zealand Festival of Motor Racing at Hampton Downs in Auckland. Jim Richards is also entered in a 1983 635, would this be the Peter Sturgeon Group C / A periscope car?. Various other BMW's entered, see the pic.

A local site will have pics up soon, which I'll endeavour to link to when they are up so you can all have a look.
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