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Originally Posted by chunder View Post
My question has always been in this series.

How on earth do you restrict something like a Lambo or AMG Merc down to 300hp!!!

Or are they silhouette cars with normal Japanese engines in them? It's been going on for years in the 300 class, and I have never quite understood the rules of that class! Using V8 engines and engines that produce 600HP in the big cars or in GT racing, yet here are somehow restricted to 300!
If you compare lap time at Fuji Speedway between GT300 cars and LMGTE cars of FIA WEC (which have about 450-480 HP), you will see the frontrunner of GT300 cars actually run 1-2 seconds faster than LMGTE car. I think it's one of the strong evidence that FIA GT3 cars actually have somewhere at 500-550HP (depend on Balance of Performance), similar with FIA GT3 cars at other series.

Also, the FIA GT3 cars usually have minimum weight somewhere between 1200-1350kg (not far away from LMGTE cars). Meanwhile specifically-designed local JAF-GT cars (Prius, BRZ, 86 Mother Chassis, Evora Mother Chassis) have stated minimum weight at 1100kg and have less power than FIA GT3 cars.
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