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Crash Test should be qualifying in the top 5 on the gridCrash Test should be qualifying in the top 5 on the grid

Ellery's bumper flapping, well, they did come in and fix it volunarily, albeit it was knackered.

The Smith's Truck fuel leak- it wasn't as if the driver tore off with the hose still attached and knocked over half of pit lane. If you spent some time in the pits, you would probably find that things like that happen all of the time.

Now a precedent had been set when Besnard couldn't race at OP. It shouldn't have been up to FPR to say anything, because it should have been picked up instantly, and dealt with immediately. Probably not the most dangerous thing in the universe, but rules are rules, just should have been applied much earlier giving Skaife a better chance in the race.

Jetsetter- you can't go dealing with meatball flags after the race. Meatballs are for safety related, not for driving or other infringments. I mean if the car was on fire and spraying bullets into the ground, you can't really fix the situation after the race
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