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Thought it could be time to start the thread for this since the State of the Series and the schedule is going to be announced at the next 2019 race at Road America.

What to speculate? I think the tracks and dates will be consistent from the past couple years. The series has as stable of a schedule as it has ever had in the 50 year history. Can speculate class structure at some of the events, but that is about it. Even with that IMSA has in the past changed the class structure of a race or two during the winter months based on projected entries. The announcement of LMP2 not running at Long Beach and Detroit in 2019 was done in February I think.

Wonder if GTD sprint cup might return? Or if Daytona becomes non points for LMP2 and/or GTD. Maybe finally in 2020 we get an IMSA paid streaming service with extra goodies and features. We'll see.
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