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Originally Posted by Bcarr6 View Post
Its very clear cut really, all AMG teams are independent teams, but for the DTM are being financed by Mercedes AMG Customer Racing, making AMG their employer for the series essentially (the team is almost like a self-employed person in that scenario).

Obviously with Mercedes bankrolling, the individual teams are going to support the factories ambition of winning the title, and they by all means are going to do so, so they get som more sweet factory funding in the future...

Add the second layer into it, that most of the drivers in Mercedes this year receive their paychecks from the factory, and we are heading into contract renewal territory, then its pretty obvious what they are all going to do.

Doesn't make it great for us the fans, but its completely logical from their perspective.

Its also really not the DTM's fault, and realistically, van der Linde isnt known for those kind of moves either so you cant accuse him of being a horrible driver based on one bad decision.

KVL made a bad move, he probably should have more graciously admitted that sure, but hes not exactly a mega villian for it.

Its a shame the DTM finished that way, but overall was it a good season? Yes.
Was it better than the year before? I'd say so. Racing was more exciting.

I know some of the neighsayers are still upset its just another GT3 series now, but they are also the same people who will probably be upset at DTM's new Electric concept, so how does DTM win there?
To be honest, I would have been very frustrated if Mercedes hadn't used team orders and Lawson would have won the title. I would have wondered if they were there to win to begin with.
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